Listen to the new Ohio. Find It Here. music!

Ohio. Find It Here. continues to encourage more visitors than ever to travel to your destinations and attractions in Ohio. We have expanded our marketing and now are in every state bordering Ohio.

In May, we introduced our site that promotes existing coffee, spirits, food, shopping, sightseeing, and history trails. In celebration of National Ice Cream Month, a couple of weeks ago we launched the Ohio Ice Cream Trail which has already achieved 4 million earned media impressions. And now we are introducing the music that will become our signature sound!

Click here below to listen to the new Ohio. Find It Here. music (featured in a radio advertisement in partnership with Bob Evans) which will soon be available for you to use for your advertising, stay tuned!

Focus groups comprised of a number of the convention and visitors bureaus and their partners from around Ohio helped choose our new signature music that was developed by Fader Music out of Cleveland. While the indie version is the primary genre that will be used broadly, several other variations of the music have been developed which include R&B, rock and roll, urban, and country versions.

The new music will be integrated into videos that will appear on and through TourismOhio’s social media posts, seen by our 200,000 Facebook followers and more than 60,000 Instagram followers. Keep an ear out for the music which will be featured in our commercials in the future.

The best part about this new music is that we own it and its different versions and we have full rights to use it. Because we own the music, we will also be able to share it with other state agencies and industry partners when the right opportunities present themselves. 

TourismOhio recently had the opportunity to showcase the new music through our “Travel Full” promotion in partnership with two great Ohio companies, Bob Evans and Marathon. As part of this partnership, the new Ohio. Find It Here. music is currently playing on the radio across Ohio. The promotion encourages visitors to travel the state on a full tank of Marathon gas, full of delicious food from Bob Evans, and full of incredible Ohio experiences!

Best Regards, 

Matthew McLaren

Matthew MacLaren, Esq. 
Director, TourismOhio