Join Ohio Open Doors: A Statewide Event Promoting Heritage Sites

Help Ohioans discover your community’s amazing heritage. Become a host site for Ohio Open Doors--a ten day event when Ohio historic buildings and landmarks open their doors for special tours and events. Participating in Ohio Open Doors will help you:

  • Stimulate tourists’ interest in landmarks and architecture in your community
  • Create a time for members of your community to connect with you and each other
  • Promote, educate and inspire pride in Ohio’s amazing heritage
  • Create an event that out-of-town tourists and community members will love

Ohio Open Doors was created in 2016 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act and is held every two years in September. Passed by Congress and signed in to law in 1966, the National Historic Preservation Act made preserving historic, architectural and archaeological resources whenever possible a policy of the federal government. Ohio continues to rank among our nation’s leading states in preserving historic places, which has contributed significantly to the rich fabric of Ohio’s communities.

Event Ideas:

  • Open the doors to your community’s courthouses, libraries, breweries, churches, temples, mosques, colleges and universities, stadiums and sports facilities, gardens, bridges, theatres, battlefields, monuments and private homes.
  • Team up with building owners across your community and create a special day that will encourage community members and tourists to explore local heritage sites all day.
  • Invite private owners in your community to open their doors.
  • Consider opening buildings or spaces rarely seen by the public, having guided tours about the design and history of the place and provide a place and time for coffee and conversations.

Event Requirements:

  • Hold at least one two-hour event anytime from September 7–16, 2018.
  • Event(s) must be free, open to the public and abide by all laws and local ordinances concerning safety and access.


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We’ll Help Make Your Event a Success!

As the sponsoring organization, Ohio History Connection will support qualifying, participating properties by promoting the overall ten-day period of Ohio Open Doors and providing an online promotional kit, use of the Ohio Open Doors logo, and a package of promotional materials. Register your event by July 31 to be guaranteed a package of promotional materials will be mailed to you.


Contact Mallory Skrobot, Marketing Coordinator at the Ohio History Connection ( or 614-297-2351) or Stephen George, Senior Advisor to the CEO at the Ohio History Connection ( or 614-297-2361).