Changes to Rest Areas to Improve Future Visitor Experience

Rest areas provide the traveling public with parking and restroom facilities along the roadway system.  In some areas, it is also a place for visitors to pick up information about local attractions.

TourismOhio is working with the Ohio Department of Transportation and brochure distribution partner AD-RACK to ensure the best possible travel season. 

Great weather and a healthy economy means a busy travel season coinciding with the busy construction season planned for Ohio’s rest areas. This is very good news for the long-term. Clean, modern facilities will welcome visitors. In the short term, there may be some inconvenience. 

Two locations with the older ‘bunker style’ buildings will be torn down and replaced with new, brighter facilities. The Preble County rest area on I-70, as visitors enter from Indiana, was closed after Memorial Day weekend and demolition is underway. Warren County’s facilities on I-71 northbound and southbound are closed. Demolition begins next week, in order for the facility to be completely rebuilt. 

Rest areas on I-71 in Wayne County have had the entrances resurfaced, are open to visitors, and brochure racks will be in place and distribution will begin this weekend. If you are interested in having brochures in either of the Wayne County TICs, and have not done so already, please contact Joyce Bryant at 502-253-5454 or

Further, if there are other rest areas not already participating in the brochure distribution program offered by AD-RACK where you would like to have brochure distribution, let AD-RACK know so they can evaluate whether they are viable locations.

Thank you for your patience during the construction.