TourismOhio is responsible for producing Ohio’s official state tourism publications including the annual Ohio Travel Guide and Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter editions of the Ohio Calendar of Events.

There is no cost associated with Ohio Tourism Industry listings in the Ohio Travel Guide or the Ohio Calendar of Events. We include as many attraction and event listings as possible in each of our publications.

Each publication is produced with advertising dollars ($0 tax dollars) in partnership with our publisher, Great Lakes Publishing, which handles all aspects of publication advertising. To inquire about advertising in Ohio tourism publications, please contact Great Lakes Publishing at (614) 659-9631.

Ohio Travel Guide (published annually) 

The Ohio Travel Guide is the state’s main tourism publication that highlights Ohio’s unique travel experiences through editorial content and imagery. The guide includes attraction listings submitted by tourism industry partners and does not contain event listings.

Ohio Calendar of Events (published biannually; spring/summer and fall/winter)

The Ohio Calendar of Events is a compilation piece that includes a wide array of tourism-related events including festivals, fairs, arts events, etc. listed by region and in chronological order. The listings included in these publications are submitted and verified by tourism industry partners. This publication does not include attraction listings.

How do I get my Event or Attraction Listed in these Publications?
Both the Ohio Travel Guide and Ohio Calendar of Events rely on information from the Listing & Events Database to fill their pages. To be considered for inclusion in the publications, Ohio tourism partners must maintain an active and up-to-date entry in the Database. Click here for more information on the Listings & Events Database or go directly to Login hereDatabase listings are free!

Please submit photos with your listings! TourismOhio is seeking high resolution images showcasing people enjoying their experience with one another. Ideal images capture and convey the emotional connections that can be made while enjoying Ohio’s unique travel experiences. For more information and to submit images, please visit

Deadlines for Inclusion
Click Here for a complete list of upcoming deadlines that you need to meet to be considered for inclusion in TourismOhio's travel publications. 

Bulk Quantities 
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